To get started simply click on any one of the blue buttons within the black boxes on the home page.
(You have a choice of either subscribing to our monthly or annual price plans).

STEP 1. Complete our online order form making sure to include all the relevant details that are required.
Important note: We can only accept orders that are completed online and all payments must also be received by mybusinessaddress.ie online, we do not accept cash or cheques in any form through our offices.

Our Virtual Office Address package includes "Free Mail Holding".
Select the other service(s) that you require.
A. Mail Forwarding:
Choose the frequency of mail to be redirected and make sure to include a mailing address if different from that on your order form.
B. Mail Scanning:
Ensure to include an email address.
C. Registered Office Address service for use with the CRO
D. Fax Number:
Ensure to include an email address.
E. Company Seal: Ensure to include your companies full name including Ltd, Plc etc.

STEP 2. The ID documents required, click on the wording, "attach your ID documents" and it will automatically display our email address where you can attach your ID documents, alternatively if you are having difficulties sending them as an attachment, you can send them seperately by email to: orders@mybusinessaddress.ie or by faxing them to 0035318388820. 

STEP 3. If paying monthly, Click on the button "Proceed To Monthly Payment" (The total cost will already be pre-programmed in to the payment gateway, so all you have to do is select your preferred payment type.

Alternatively, STEP 3. If paying annually please follow the instructions below.

Click "Proceed to Payments" and the details that you have previously entered on your order form will be displayed so you can review all is correct, however if you have entered something incorrectly you may be able to go back, depending on the device you have used and edit errors you have made without losing any of the information you have previously entered.

"Click to Pre Authorize now" will bring you to the shopping cart page and will display the services you have selected and the total amount payable.
The quantity 1 will be displayed (Please do not manually change this number as it represents 1 new order).
If you have any special requests, please enter them in the box provided.

Click the "Checkout" button and the Pre Authorization page will be displayed, enter your name, country, address, company name and so on and then select your preferred payment method. We accept Paypal and all major Credit and Debit Cards. A payment receipt will be issued upon subscription.

Click "Order Now" and your transaction is now completed. You will receive an email from one of our live agents acknowledging your order.

Important note, you are only able to commence using our services once we have confirmed to you in writing that all the required documentation you have supplied is in order. We are able to process your order 7 days a week with fast approval.

If you are in the process of forming a company we can accept your CRO and VAT number at a later date,
however we may require evidence that you have already applied for same.

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